(@elialbert: coder tinker musician spy)
(What's with these weird & changing colors?)

Latest personal project: Live multiplayer beat production online. Very much a work in progress - check out the source here.
My current job - back in the startup world.
Last full time job: Lead software engineer.
Previous full-time job, which I held for 4 years: SimpleRelevance. I was at different times CTO and Chief Architect, doing webdev / machine learning / algorithmic backend work.
Another cool game I made - a live multiplayer chess variant board game involving hexagons using rails + angular. Source is here.
Fairly new angular firebase project - a realtime multiplayer fridge magnet game! I'm really happy with it. And here's the source. I've embedded an example at the bottom of this page.
Even newer little toy angular project for my house, involving similar technologies to the above. MMO painting game.
Also teaching myself game coding and in-browser js graphics - this is a 2d biking simulator, to help people get used to biking in a city and practicing things like biking through difficult intersections without getting killed. You can check out the code here. It's even (kind of) mobile friendly using your phone's gyroscope! tho a keyboard is way easier.
Other current projects involve folk, jazz, carpentry, house restoration, gardening, volunteer childcare, underground (and aboveground) art spaces, and general mayhem.