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New full time job: Enova! Lead software engineer.

Last full-time job, which I held for 4 years: SimpleRelevance. I was at different times CTO and Chief Architect, doing webdev / machine learning / algorithmic backend work.

Newest personal project - StarChess online! I made a live multiplayer chess variant board game involving hexagons using rails + angular. Soure is here.

Fairly new angular firebase project - a realtime multiplayer fridge magnet game - check it out! I'm really happy with it. And here's the source.

Even newer little toy angular project for my house, involving similar technologies to the above: Crumble House. MMO painting game.

Also teaching myself game coding and in-browser js graphics - this is a 2d biking simulator, to help people get used to biking in a city and practicing things like biking through difficult intersections without getting killed. You can check out the code here. It's even (kind of) mobile friendly using your phone's gyroscope! tho a keyboard is way easier.

And another small website I made and maintain. And I made the website for my band. And I'm currently working on a side project for the BMORG, the Burner Broadcasting Network.

Other current projects involve folk, jazz, carpentry, house restoration, gardening, volunteer childcare, underground (and aboveground) art spaces, and general mayhem.